Simon Reicher enters his first learning-year in GT racing
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Five days before the start of the ADAC TCR Germany series, Austria’s youngest touring car driver is a bit stressed out. „Obviously I’d rather be driving my car right now, but the sponsor meetings are also very important to me. I am getting to know interesting people every day and am impressed how many are up-to-date and following my motorsport career“, explains the youngster.

Just ten days prior to the start of the ADAC TCR Germany series, the official test days took place alongside those of the highly regarded ADAC GT Masters. As in 2016, the premiere season of the ADAC TCR Germany, the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben will host for the first race of 2017. Simon Reicher, who knows the circuit well from his previous season in the Renault Clio Cup, successfully completed his testing program in his new car, an Audi RS3 LMS Ultra. The 17-year-old’s perfect season preparation, as well as the additional training with Jaap van Lagen, paid off on the second of the three test days: at the end of the session, number 54, followed by the initials REI, stood in second position on the timing board! Over 35 participants from 11 nations battled each other throughout the practice sessions – everyone from Team Certainty was amazed by Simon driving the second fastest time of the day. Team Principal Dillon Koster told us: „I am not surprised by this result at all. Simon is very young and has the right feeling for driving these fast cars. Additionally, he is a fast learner and apparently set himself the goal of beating me on the track. Even though I have a tough time admitting this, Simon has already done so. But maybe this can be kept secret between the two of us, he does not have to know I just admitted that“, Koster laughs.

During last year’s final race event of the ADAC TCR Germany at Hockenheim Ring, Audi presented the RS3 LMS Ultra for the first time. „We had just driven our last race in the Renault Clio Cup and were not sure about the next step yet. The ADAC TCR Germany was already a topic of discussion, but we weren’t convinced yet. When Simon and I walked around the corner in the paddock and saw the Audi standing there, we looked at each other, and knew right then and there – this will be his new car“, remembers Simon’s father Peter Reicher.

This coming weekend things will get serious at the season opener in Oschersleben. „It will be exciting when the field of 35 cars races into the first corner. This will be quite different compared to last year’s racing. The Audi is somewhat heavier, but by no means slower. More engine performance, front and rear diffusors, which help generate more down force and traction, as well as a powerful braking system, enabling later braking, make the Audi very agile“, says Simon Reicher, thereby adding: „I must also thank my father for his tireless work and patience. Father-son relationships are not always the easiest – all the more do I appreciate everything he does for me. Also thanks to my team Certainty Racing. It is a great honor for me to work with Dillon Koster, team boss, instructor, and driver – he’s the one who has taught me everything I know about automobile racing. It is a fantastic feeling to have this strong team supporting me“, explains the sympathetic seventh grader of the Werkschulheim Felbertal.

Simon Reicher’s goal this season is to draw attention to himself here and there by placing in the top ten – he will surely make headlines several times in his still very young motorsport career. What those headlines will read? Who knows, but in any case, it is exciting to follow his path.

Simon Reicher will be racing his Audi RS3 LMS Ultra in the first ADAC TCR Germany event of the 2017 season April 28-30 at the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben. The ADAC TCR Germany is part of the support program of the ADAC GT Masters. As in previous years, the races will also be shown live on Sport-1 on Saturday and Sunday. Additionally, the ADAC GT Masters offers an internet live stream, which can be accessed via the ADAC Motorsport website. „Gentlemen, please start your engines.“



Der 24-jährige Simon Reicher ist im Motorsport kein Unbekannter. Seine Karriere begann im Alter von 8 Jahren. Klassisch – auf der Kartbahn. „Ich bin froh im Kartsport, der klassischen Schule des Motorsports, aufgewachsen zu sein.“ Und das mit Erfolg. 2014 gewann das österreichische Motorsport Talent die 43. Trofeo delle Industrie im italienischen Lonato.

Nach seiner aktiven Zeit im Kartsport wechselte der Österreicher 2016 in den Automobil Rennsport. Dort gab er 2016 und 2017 sein Debüt mit dem niederländischen Certainty Racing Team in dem Renault Clio Cup Central Europe und in der TCR Germany. 2018 präsentierte sich er mit dem renommierten YACO Racing Team im Cockpit eines Audi RS 3 LMS bei den ADAC TCR Germany.

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