New experience for Simon Reicher on the Nordschleife
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Having permission to race on the Nordschleife is of utmost importance for Simon Reicher‘s future career in motorsports. This required the Austrian to return to school last weekend. He participated in a certificate course, training and ultimately permitting him to race the Nordschleife for events like 24-hour races with GT3 cars. Simon reports: “I had no expectations and no real idea regarding the rundown of the course. I just let it come at me and there ended up being no surprises. It was very interesting to personally experience that the Nordschleife Permit is an absolutely justified requirement.”

After intense theory sessions, hands-on practice was on next day’s schedule. Visibly impressed, the 19-year-old shares his impressions: “The race drove the point home. It is very important to complete the Permit on a less powerful car. To attempt one’s first-ever laps with a GT3 car would be irresponsible. The Nordschleife is nicknamed “Green Hell” for a reason, and not just because there are trees left and right. This can’t really be grasped from the outside. I’ve been studying every Nordschleife YouTube video for years, but they are nothing like reality. It’s not quite what I expected, and I learned a lot from this new experience.”

To qualify for Permit A, which would grant the youngster permission to drive a GT3 vehicle during a 24-hour race, each participant must complete a total of 18 laps during two VLN endurance races. To make things more challenging, the German Motorsport Federation requires those 18 laps to have been completed among the top 75% of entrants in the appropriate vehicle classification.“ During the four-hour race, we completed 22 laps of the 25,950 meter long Nordschleife. Racing circumstances led to my two teammates driving 15 laps, while I completed 7 rounds. I am happy to have arrived safely, gained new experiences with the car, and to have approached my dream-come-true a little more. In two weeks we hope to pass the Permit A and sign off for good. We would then be free in our choice of car for next year’s 24-hour race on the Nürburgring. Speaking of this mega event, I still have a lot of work ahead of me. The Nordschleife is quite something. 18 laps for the permit are a bit sparse. The Nordschleife can’t be compared to any normal circuits,” explains Simon Reicher.

The Manheller Racing driver was particularly impressed when he turned onto the Nordschleife for the first time. He recalls his emotions: “Turning from the Grand Prix circuit onto the Nordschleife is like entering a new world. It is incredibly impressive; you have to experience that feeling at least once in life.”



Der Rennfahrervirus hat ihn seit 2008 fest im Griff: Simon Reicher startete seine Asphaltkarriere als Achtjähriger im Kart und wechselte schnell vom lockeren Kurvenfahren auf dem Parkplatz zum schnellerem Tempo auf der Rennstrecke. Heute fährt er als einer der jüngsten GT-3 Tourenwagenpilot in verschiedenen nationalen und internationalen Rennserien.

„Einfach auf’s Gas steigen, das ist total mein Ding!“ schwärmt der neunzehnjährige Kirchberger von seiner Leidenschaft. „Die Geschwindigkeit, die coolen Autos, der Geruch der Rennstrecke nach Gummireifen, Benzin und Abgasen, dazu der Sound – das macht mir Gänsehaut!“ Mit seinem Vater Peter Reicher suchte Simon nach erfolgreichen Jahren im Kart eine passende Alternative zum Formelsport, die er im GT3- Rennsport für sich gefunden hat. Hier lernte er sein heutiges Team YACO Racing kennen, das große Stücke auf den Abiturienten und Mechatroniker hält.

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ADAC GT Masters
Gewicht 1.235 kg

Audi – V10 Zylinder – 5200 ccm
Maximum Geschwindigkeit: 585 PS
Maximum Drehmoment: 550 Nm

Antrieb: Heckantrieb
Schaltung: 6 Gänge, sequenziell, Wippenschaltung



Beschleunigung: 0-100 km/h in 3.2 Sekunden
Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 305 km/h

Die zweite Baureihe des Audi R8 LMS startet seit 2016 im ADAC GT Masters und erhielt für 2019 einen Evo-Kit, mit dem unter anderem die Aerodynamik und die Kühlung optimiert wurden. Der R8 ist in dieser Saison mit 13 Exemplaren erneut das meistvertretene Fahrzeug im Starterfeld.